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This article written by Alliance President & CEO, Manar Morales was published in the October issue of the NALP Bulletin.

We are living in an uncertain, sometimes volatile, world. Our workplaces have been impacted by this uncertainty becoming more complex. Obviously, in 2020 COVID-19 turned everything we knew on its end and forced us all to reevaluate the way we work. But beyond the pandemic, there are a myriad of new forces at play affecting today’s workplaces.

For the first time, we have five generations of talent working together in the legal industry. Two of those generations are “digital first,” meaning they grew up with technology. Further, many of those new to the workforce in the last three years have never worked fulltime in-person in the office. As we think about the hybrid workplace, consider that connecting in person does not come naturally to some in your workforce.

Additionally, technology is growing at a rate faster than many can keep up with. For example, artificial intelligence is advancing and expanding its reach before we really understand its true capabilities and impact. In fact, in just two short months Chat GPT reached one hundred million users!

The global economy is uncertain. The global climate is volatile. The political climate is unpredictable at best.

I do not say this to be alarmist, but to put the evolution of the workplace in context. I often say, “The way that 9/11 forever changed the way we travel, COVID will forever change the way we work.” We’re not going back to the pre-COVID workplace. We need to accept that the evolution of the workplace must go handin-hand with the way the world is changing. The future of work is much bigger than simply adapting to the challenges and opportunities COVID brought about.

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We’re extremely proud to announce that our President & CEO Manar Morales recently received the 2023 President Joseph R. Biden Jr. Lifetime Achievement Award. This award was established by former President George W. Bush and recognizes “citizens who have made major differences within their communities and around the world.” Please join us in congratulating Manar on this honor!


Manar Morales pictured with her father (left), Dr. Attia Sweillam, and her husband (right), David Morales, at the award ceremony.

This article by Manar Morales, President & CEO of the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance was published in Law360 on August 11 and in its newsletter on August 14.


Workplace flexibility and caregiver leave have always been important talent recruitment, retention and advancement tools as well as drivers of diversity.

But these initiatives took on even greater significance as the pandemic presented law firms with a daunting challenge when business-as-usual was not an option.

It became even more crucial for firms to figure out how to use flexibility and leave to maintain the success, productivity, engagement and loyalty of their employees, who were struggling to meet extraordinary personal and family needs imposed by COVID-19.

Providing comprehensive paid caregiver leave to all employees enhances their health, engagement and loyalty by demonstrating that the firm cares about, and is willing to invest in, them and their families. Healthy, engaged and loyal employees are more likely to deliver strong performance and support recruitment and retention of a diverse, world-class team.

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Anyone responsible for their organization’s flexible working policy should make sure to read Manar Morales’ recent article published in Law 360. The article, entitled 5 Steps for Law Firms Rethinking Flexible Work Post-COVID outlines how firms should Reflect, Reimagine, Recalibrate, Recommit and Reinforce when redesigning their firm’s flexible working policy.


It’s critical that you view flexibility with a completely new lens. Moving forward, flexibility should be a fundamental element of every firm’s strategic plan to recruit, retain and advance top talent.

Manar Morales

President & CEO

Diversity & Flexibility Alliance

In Law 360 (May 14, 2021)



For more details and strategies related to this 5 Step Framework, register for our Flex Launch Bootcamp to be held June 28 and 29, 2021.


Phil Neuffer, Managing Editor of the ABF Journal asked DFA President & CEO Manar Morales to share her advice on creating a culture of diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.  The article, Beyond Statements: How to Build and Maintain a More Diverse & Inclusive Workplace appeared in ABF Journal’s Q1 2021 DE&I Issue.

“Organizations need to look beyond mission statements that include diversity and inclusion and make authentic and tangible commitments towards improvement…I advise leaders to peel back the layers and ask, ‘Well, what exactly are we doing to improve?’ We need to see more concrete actions towards creating cultures that support diversity and inclusivity.”

Manar Morales

Alliance President & CEO

ABF Journal


Read the entire article with more insights from Manar and Michael Bush, CEO, Great Place to Work HERE. The ABF Journal is a magazine for Commercial Finance Professionals.



Episode Title: The Power of Workplace Flexibility

Don’t miss listening to this recent ASAE: Stronger by Association podcast featuring Alliance President & CEO Manar Morales and Charles Moore, Principal of Thrive Street Advisors.  Learn why Manar and Charles predict that we won’t return to work as we did pre-pandemic and hear how we’ll all need to adjust to new norms and adapt to people’s different situations/abilities to be part of the modern workforce in 2021.



On February 11, Alliance President & CEO, Manar Morales shared her expert insights on the future of flexible working and lessons learned from the pandemic on the Breadwinners Podcast.  This interview is truly worth your time. You’ll be amazed how much you’ll learn about the future of work in just 26 minutes!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about Flexible Work: What Needs to Come Next.

Alliance President & CEO, Manar Morales, was asked to share her perspective on parental leave trends and best practices in law firms in a February 10 Law 360 article. The article, Big Law Fall Short on Parental Leave for Fathers, provides insights into the importance of gender neutral parental leave policies.

“With a primary and secondary designation, that really becomes very gendered and women tend to take the primary leave and men tend to take secondary…When you have a primary and secondary caregiver you create the idea that one person [in a relationship] is devoted to their career and one to the family. It creates a hierarchy where no hierarchy exists.”

— Manar Morales

President & CEO

The Diversity & Flexibility Alliance


If you need help developing your firm or company’s gender neutral parental leave policy, please schedule a call with Manar Morales or reach out to manar@dfalliance.com today.

In case you missed it….

Check out this recent article in the New York Law Journal, New York Firms’ Promotions Rose Over Last Year, As Did Share of New Female Partners by Jack Newsham. The article provides information regarding pre-COVID-19 partner promotions in New York firms and includes a quote and expert insights from Alliance President & CEO, Manar Morales.

“Flexibility is not a woman’s issue. You have to de-gender and de-stigmatize it.  As you get more men into care, you get more women into leadership.”

Manar Morales

President & CEO

Diversity & Flexibility Alliance


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During the COVID-19 international pandemic, we are calling on all member and non-member firms and corporations to double down their diversity and inclusion efforts. It’s critical that organizations pay close attention to who’s getting the projects/assignments and who’s not to ensure that diverse individuals are not being adversely impacted by the crisis. Unconscious bias can easily sneak its way into the decision-making process at this unprecedented time.

Learn more from this Law360 article, Pandemic Could Jeopardize Law Firm Diversity Efforts including a quote from Manar Morales, President & CEO of the Alliance:

“During difficult times, it is important for law firms to double down on their diversity and inclusion efforts rather than back away from them, emphasizing a commitment to those values.”

Manar Morales