Action Step – Leveraging Generational Differences

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With five generations working side-by-side, there’s a lot of talk about generational differences and how that affects work preferences. Expert Chris DeSantis recently led a very informative “Embracing Generational Diversity” Signature Seminar for the Alliance, during which he discussed generational perspectives and how these different perspectives can be beneficial to a team. With so many generations in the workplace, it is truly in everyone’s best interest to work respectfully with each other to leverage everyone’s strengths. We discuss a framework below to help cross-generational teams work successfully.

  1. Listen & Interact: Providing opportunities for interaction leads to understanding each other’s values/needs and breaking of stereotypes. In a hybrid environment, this is especially important, because deeper relationships lead to less bias and greater understanding. As Chris DeSantis discussed in the Alliance’s Signature Seminar, we often unconsciously use confirmation bias (the tendency to favor information that confirms or strengthens one’s beliefs) to support stereotypes.

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