Law 360: Caregiver Flexibility is Crucial to Attorney Engagement & Retention – By Manar Morales

This article by Manar Morales, President & CEO of the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance was published in Law360 on August 11 and in its newsletter on August 14.


Workplace flexibility and caregiver leave have always been important talent recruitment, retention and advancement tools as well as drivers of diversity.

But these initiatives took on even greater significance as the pandemic presented law firms with a daunting challenge when business-as-usual was not an option.

It became even more crucial for firms to figure out how to use flexibility and leave to maintain the success, productivity, engagement and loyalty of their employees, who were struggling to meet extraordinary personal and family needs imposed by COVID-19.

Providing comprehensive paid caregiver leave to all employees enhances their health, engagement and loyalty by demonstrating that the firm cares about, and is willing to invest in, them and their families. Healthy, engaged and loyal employees are more likely to deliver strong performance and support recruitment and retention of a diverse, world-class team.

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