Are You Ready to Transform Your Approach To Working Flex? In Just Six Hours You Could Completely Change Your Future

Do you have the right mindset to be successful working flex? Have you taken stock of your professional and personal successes? Do you know how to train your brain for positive results? These and many other questions were answered last Thursday in the first session of the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance’s Flex Success® Institute We want to congratulate those flex professionals who have already set off down this life-changing road by committing to spending a total of six hours with the Institute this summer. The Institute is a five-session virtual professional development program, plus a one-hour individual coaching session, that is guaranteed to transform your approach to working flexibly.

Last week’s participants also learned how to harness the power of goal setting to achieve their vision. They uncovered their biggest confidence killers and discovered how to persevere in the face of failure. They identified their own unique key to empowerment and ways to increase their productivity. They learned about the importance of rituals and risk-taking and how self-care and authenticity are essential. In just one hour these participants already have a step up on building their self-esteem, their career success and finding true happiness in their personal and professional lives.

Last week’s first session was taped and will be available to anyone who registers this week. Register today to join us for Session 2 of the Institute this Thursday, June 29 at 1:00 pm Eastern. Session 2 will focus on delivering and receiving feedback and interrupting stigma specifically tailored to those working flex and addressing their unique challenges. The Institute continues on July 13 with a session focused on networking and developing mentors and sponsors, powerful relationships for those working flex. Session 4 will focus on how to develop your own personal leadership plan and Session 5 will be a group wrap up with an overview of how to make it all work. Private coaching sessions will be scheduled for August.

We encourage you to take time out this summer to set the course for your own individual flex success® and dedicate a few hours to investing in your future. You’re worth it! Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity to network with other flex professionals, learn from Manar Morales, a national thought leader on all things flex and receive a personal coaching session which will help to address any of your individual challenges.

Register for the Flex Success® Institute TODAY!

Contact Eliza Musallam if you have questions.