Announcing the 2024 Leadership Symposium

We’re excited to announce our 2024 Leadership Symposium curriculum – which includes three virtual seminars for individuals at Champion and Leader-level member organizations looking to expand their personal leadership style and business acumen.

We encourage Champion & Leader members to register even if you are unable to attend live as we will send the link to the recording directly to your inbox.

Session 1: ERG/Affinity Group Leader Training feat. Manar Morales

July 11 | 1:00 pm ET

As a leader, you understand the need for structure, resources, and training to make sure your employee resource group (ERG)/affinity group succeeds. Join Alliance President & CEO, Manar Morales, to learn how to: structure ERGs/affinity groups and delegate responsibilities; best run and manage meetings; share lessons learned with other ERGs/affinity groups; impact leadership and decision-making; and, continuously monitor results.

This training is designed for anyone who leads or participates in an employee resource group or affinity group, or anyone who would like to start an ERG/affinity group at your organization.

Session 2: Give to Grow: Invest in Relationships to Build Your Business & Your Career feat. Mo Bunnell

September 11 | 1:30 pm ET

Everyone knows developing relationships and business is a top priority, but what people aren’t taught is that you can do it in a way that feels great, where everyone wins at every turn.

In this dynamic session, Mo Bunnell, author of the book Give to Grow, will show you how to invest in relationships how to win the work you want at the clients you want—so you can make the impact you want.

*Please note that while most of our programs begin at 1:00 pm ET, this session starts at 1:30.

Session 3: Diffusing Power Dynamics feat. Rudhir Krishtel

November 13 | 1:00 pm ET

Every relationship has power dynamics, often existing across race or gender-based differences. Is the power you exert dominating or empowering others? Hierarchical environments driven by dominant power dynamics are commonly not inclusive. Especially in dynamics where people feel unheard or uncomfortable sharing their experiences. In this workshop, participants will be guided to understand power dynamics, encouraged to explore how to diffuse them, and ultimately create workplace environments that can evolve past the unhelpful complexities that power dynamics create.

The Leadership Symposium is open to Champion and Leader-level members. If you are an Advocate member that would like to learn more, please contact Angela Whitehead Quigley.