We’re Part of Your Team

With the New Year just six weeks away, you’re undoubtedly beginning to make your plans for 2018 and developing a strategy for the advancement of your diversity and flexibility initiatives. As you begin to map out your plans, we hope you’ll remember that you have the Alliance to turn to for support. Consider us part of your team. Whether you’re a Diversity & Inclusion professional with increased responsibilities and a decreasing budget, or a human resources executive tasked with bias training, we can help. We can serve as your trusted advisor and, if you’re a member, we encourage you to schedule your Strategic Planning Session soon.

Maybe you’d like to see more women in leadership or you’re wondering why so few professionals are using your flex policy. Our Policy Reviews are one of our most popular Member Benefits and we can help you to identify what’s working and what’s not. If you’ve participated in our Law Firm Benchmarking Study in the past, make sure you make some time to review where your firm stands in comparison to your competitors and where you can improve.

If you want to get a true sense of how people are feeling and where stigma might be hiding, take advantage of our research expertise and engage our Advisory Solutions. We have performed countless case studies, climate surveys, interviews and focus groups to gauge opinions and experiences and help leadership create a more positive and inclusive culture.

Whether you’re an Alliance member or not, we encourage you to add our Annual Conference to your calendar on Wednesday, March 21, 2018 in Washington, DC. This one-day conference, entitled Diversity + Flexibility = Embracing Change, will be packed with everything you need to know about trends in diversity and flexibility, as well as what others are doing and how they’re doing it. It’s also a fantastic day of networking with a community of peers in similar positions from a variety of industries.

Over the years, many of our members have used our Educational Programming for training members of their organization and for previewing speakers and topics. Next year, consider gathering your employees in a large room to view our Signature Seminar Series webinars. Or if you’re a Leader or Champion Member, our Leadership Symposiums provide important insights into leadership trends and are extremely valuable to professionals of many different levels. (Don’t miss Part 3 of our 2017 Leadership Symposium coming up on Tuesday, December 5 at 1:00 pm Eastern featuring Alliance President & CEO, Manar Morales speaking on Developing Your Own Personal Leadership Style.)

For those of you charged with managing and implementing your organization’s flexibility policy, we encourage you to take advantage of our Flex Advisor Workshop on December 12, 2017. This training session can also be personalized to fit the needs of your organization and its structure. We’d be happy to bring our training workshops to your organization in 2018.

Our mission at the Alliance is to empower you and collaborate with you to successfully promote flexible schedules, inclusive work cultures, and the advancement of women leaders. We’re here for you and we hope you’ll be in touch to discuss how we can be part of your team in 2018.

And if you’re not a member, please reach out so we can schedule a complimentary call to collaborate and brainstorm ideas for how we could help you in 2018.

Contact Manar Morales, President & CEO of the Alliance at manar@dfalliance.com today.