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More Women Need Seats at the Table

Did you know that women only represent 27% of lawyers arguing civil cases and only 21% of lawyers arguing criminal cases? When you consider that there are close to equal numbers of men and women graduating from law school these percentages are disappointing at best.

If you want to learn more about how we can close the gender gap in the courtroom join us on Thursday, February 18 at 1pm EST for our latest Signature Seminar Series highlighting the new ABA Report, First Chairs at Trial: More Women Need Seats at the Table. Roberta D. Liebenberg, co-author of the report, will highlight the report’s findings and lead the discussion on why more women litigators need a seat at the trial table, and how women can get there.

She’ll be joined by Justice Fernande Duffly and Beth Kaufman, who will each highlight their own experiences (both in front of and behind the bench) and provide recommendations on how to start closing the gender gap in the courtroom.

As Roberta and her co-author, Stephanie A. Scharf, state in their report, the goal is to “heighten awareness about the existence of significant gender disparities in the ranks of lead trial lawyers and….to spur a dialogue that will result in concrete and effective actions to increase the number of women lead trial counsel.”

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The Diversity & Flexibility Alliance’s bi-monthly Signature Seminar Series explores a mix of organizational solutions and individual strategies related to inclusion, retention, and workplace flexibility. Presented by a variety of industry experts, seminars are open to all attorneys and professionals at Alliance member organizations.

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