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Sponsorship: A Key to Your Career Advancement

Do you have a sponsor within your firm? If not, are you taking the right steps to find one and to build a successful sponsor relationship? These and other questions will be answered next Tuesday during our latest bi-monthly Signature Seminar Series teleconference, “Investing In Your Success: Preparing Yourself For Sponsorship.” Our special guest, Ritu Bhasin, LL.B., MBA, Founder and Principal of bhasin consulting inc., a leading global people strategies firm, will explain the importance of sponsorship and how it can effectively advance your legal career.

Ms. Bhasin will outline why sponsorship is more than just mentoring or a passive relationship, but a true investment relationship that requires winning the confidence of others and building and sustaining relationship capital. She will also provide key strategies and tools for becoming “sponsor-ready” from the individual and organizational perspectives.

A former litigator and Director of Legal Talent at a prominent Canadian law firm, Ms. Bhasin has been recognized globally for her diversity and leadership expertise and is an inspiring and engaging speaker.  She is also a regular contributor in the media including CTVNews, CBC, NPR Forum, and TVO, and was named a NALP 2015 Diversity Champion.

The April Signature Seminar Series teleconference will begin at 1pm EST (10am PT) on Tuesday, April 5. Our bi-monthly Signature Seminar Series explores a mix of organizational solutions and individual strategies related to inclusion, retention, and workplace flexibility and is open to all attorneys and professionals at Alliance member organizations.

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