Is Your Recruitment Process Biased?

Most well-intentioned firms and corporations understand the value in hiring a diverse team and believe that their recruitment process is transparent and impartial. With the premise of equal opportunity, you hire the candidates who are the most intelligent, most successful, and most hard-working.

The featured speaker at our 2017 Annual Conference on March 16 might disagree. Kellogg School of Management Professor Lauren Rivera spent years going inside the recruiting process at top investment banks, law firms, and consulting firms. She conducted countless interviews and observed hiring practices first-hand. Her book, “Pedigree: How Elite Students Get Elite Jobs” provides an insider’s view of how some firms hire for their most elite entry-level positions. She found that in many cases it is the affluent applicants from the elite schools who are receiving the top-paying offers at leading firms.

Lauren’s insights could help firms and corporations improve their recruiting processes and hire a more successful and diverse team. Her intriguing research into unconscious class, gender, cultural, and racial bias is truly eye opening and will inspire you to look at your organization’s recruiting process with a different lens.

Join us on March 16 to hear Lauren’s insights and participate in a fascinating interactive discussion on the topic.

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