Nominate a Partner & Client for Our 2022 Flex Success® Award!

The Diversity & Flexibility Alliance is accepting nominations for our annual Flex Success® Award. The award recognizes partners at member law firms who are successfully working a reduced hours schedule and acknowledges the crucial role clients play in making workplace flexibility a reality. The Award honors attorney/client relationships that best exemplify how, with client support, attorneys can achieve greater work-life control and have extraordinarily successful careers.

The Award will be shared by:
  1. A successful partner at an Alliance member firm who is currently working a reduced hours schedule and has done so for a year or more; AND
  2. A client, to be chosen by the partner, who has contributed to the success of the arrangement.
Nominations can be made by any Alliance member firm, legal department, or by self-nomination. All partner nominees must be from an Alliance member organization. Honorees must be able to virtually accept their awards at our annual conference on November 2, 2022. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS JULY 22, 2022.