Don’t Miss Keynote John Veihmeyer’s Insights on KPMG’s Diversity & Inclusion Evolution

Our 2017 Annual Conference on March 16 is titled “Diversity + Flexibility = An Evolving Culture.” This cultural evolution would not be occurring without industry leaders who are committed to creating inclusive workplace
cultures and diverse teams. These leaders understand that in 2017 the only way to recruit and retain top talent and to thrive as a business is to embrace diversity and inclusion. They aren’t simply creating policies and hoping they stick, they’re weaving diversity and inclusion into the fabric of their organizations. They’re creating unbiased cultures where their employees, clients, and businesses are thriving. We are proud to have one oJohn Veihmeyerf these trailblazers as our keynote speaker on March 16, John Veihmeyer, Global Chairman of KPMG.

At the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance, we advise our members that the key to successful cultural change is authentic support and communication from the top of any organization. With Mr. Veihmeyer’s unwavering commitment to diversity and inclusion, it’s clear that he has driven the cultural evolution at KPMG. In his 35 years in the business, Mr. Veihmeyer has not only built a reputation as an influential voice on business and financial issues, but he has been recognized countless times for his genuine dedication to philanthropy, diversity, and inclusion. With diversity and inclusion at the core of the KPMG culture, he has created a high-performing work environment where employees are dedicated, successful, and fulfilled.

We are honored to have Mr. Veihmeyer as our keynote and we hope you’ll join us on March 16 to hear how this inspirational, influential, and deeply committed leader has successfully steered the culture of his firm.

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