Flex Success™ Leadership Institute -Spotlight on Ritu Bhasin

As we prepare for the upcoming Flex Success™ Leadership Institute, we will be featuring the industry experts who will guide participants from high potential to high performance.  

This week, we are pleased to feature Ritu Bhasin, Principal and Founder of bhasin consulting inc. Ritu will teach participants the value of sponsor relationships and how to become sponsor-ready for more effective career development. 

Ritu BhasinRecognized globally for her diversity and leadership expertise, Ritu has received a number of awards and distinctions for her work. She has extensive experience in delivering programming, consulting, and coaching across a range of people management areas with a focus on leadership development, diversity and inclusion, and the advancement of women. Ritu works primarily with senior leadership teams, boards of directors, middle management, and emerging leader groups, including women and diverse professionals.

Ritu is known for her diversity and inclusion expertise in Cultural Competence and unconscious bias, and is certified to administer Cultural Competence assessment tools including the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) and the Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory (ICS). Ritu is also certified in neuroscience coaching strategies for leadership growth. Ritu has coached hundreds of professionals, and now coaches C-Suite leaders and other executives on building their Cultural Competence to be more inclusive.

Before founding bci, Ritu spent ten years in the legal profession; she first practiced civil litigation, and then spent seven years on the senior management team of a preeminent Canadian law firm as director of legal talent.

The Flex Success Leadership Institute is an interactive leadership academy designed specifically for Senior Associates, Of Counsel, and Junior Partners seeking to move from high potential to high performance.


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