Does Your Talk Match Your Walk? How to Communicate Like a Leader

September 2017

Featuring – Rachael Bosch, Managing Director of Fringe PD

For those of us in leadership roles, communicating to those who work for and around us is critical to achieving our individual and organizational goals. We know that communication has a significant impact on our brain behavior and therefore our productivity. And yet, many leaders have not been able to take the time needed to craft their communication style and delivery to increase this productivity for their teams. This webinar began with that process. We discussed the very fundamentals of how our brains react to language and communications styles as well as provided resources and tools for you to take back and use in real-time with your colleagues.

Rachael BoschManaging Director of Fringe Professional Development, is an advocate for innovative and organizational professional development and founded Fringe PD to bring coaching and training to professionals across disciplines and experience levels. She has spent more than a decade in legal talent management and has a background in theatrical performance and vocalization. She uses this experience, as well as a brain-based coaching certification through the NeuroLeadership Institute, to develop and deliver training programs on the topics of executive presence, management and leadership, communication skills, and goal pursuit.