C4Ward to Move Forward

November 8, 2017

Featuring – Verna Myers, Founder and Chief Cultural Innovator, The Verna Myers Group

Our society is at a crossroads. Political views, race, class, gender, and geography are dividing us more than ever. We are pulling back from one another, drawing the idea of family and community too small, clinging to people who are “like” us, and being afraid of, or angry with, the “other.” But separation and retrenchment are not the way forward. We cannot get discouraged, paralyzed or distraught in a time of dissension. To overcome the epidemic of hatred, bigotry, and oppression, we need to expand and reimagine a more inclusive community and society. We each need to stand up and act – we need to commit to reaching across our differences instead of giving in to isolation, fear, and hostility.
In this compelling talk, Verna shares her vision of how we can all move forward, using her four Cs of progress – Cultural Curiosity, Compassion, Consciousness, and Courage. Participants will leave energized and with practical tools for connecting in small and large ways to people who are different.