2023 Annual Conference Keynote to be presented by Dr. Jill Tiefenthaler, Chief Executive Officer of the National Geographic Society

Are you ready to humanize your workplace?

As the global workplace continues to change, we’re faced with a myriad of complex challenges.

  • How can we evolve to meet the needs of employees in this uncertain economic landscape?
  • How do we reiterate our policies and cultures, while leveraging technology?
  • How do we ensure that diversity, equity and inclusion are central to our people strategy?
  • How do we stay competitive in an ever-present battle for top talent?

Join us on November 2, along with prominent thought leaders from around the world committed to strategically addressing the future of the workplace! Our 2023 Annual Conference will focus on the rapidly changing global workplace and how organizations can thrive by meeting the needs of their people in this ever-evolving environment! Humanizing the Workplace: Thriving Beyond the Global Reset will be held in-person on Thursday, November 2 at the Washington, DC offices of Akin Gump (2001 K Street, NW).

Don’t miss our 2023 Keynote presented by Dr. Jill Tiefenthaler, Chief Executive Officer of the National Geographic Society, the first woman CEO in the organization’s 134-year history, Jill has a deep commitment to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion and is leading an effort to amplify the voices of women and those from underrepresented groups at the Society.

Under her leadership, the Society is prioritizing diversity and inclusion in the next generation of National Geographic Explorers, has built a senior team that is 60% women, and developed a board of trustees with equal numbers of women and men. Don’t miss Jill’s fascinating and inspiring keynote!