Why Become A Member?

As a legal professional, you probably know that having a diverse and inclusive workforce and flexible work options are good ideas for the success of your firm as well as the happiness of your employees. But could you be doing more to attract and retain top talent?

Let us show you how you could. By joining the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance, your organization would have access to what we like to call our “Value Proposition.” The value of membership includes access to three vital resources:

A Community of Peers from top law firms, multi-national companies and professional and financial service firms. You’d learn from experts in the field during our Signature Seminar Series – our member-only teleconferences led by national industry experts. You’d also network with peers at our Annual Conference, Diversity + Flexibility = Talent Success, to be held on March 16, 2016.

Customized Strategic Counsel from the Alliance Team that has a combined 50+ years of expertise in diversity, inclusivity and flexibility issues. Your membership would include an annual strategic planning session and annual policy review. Through our Flex Success Framework you’d receive an in-depth, step-by-step guide to establish, fix or evolve your customized flexibility program.

Proprietary Research Tools including our annual Flexibility Benchmarking Survey Report that examines the availability and usage of flexible work in major U.S. law firms. You’d read monthly Action Steps, articles that provide practical advice on the latest trends in diversity and flexibility. You’d also have access to our Resource Center, a one-stop, online databank of articles about issues impacting women, flexibility and diversity in the legal profession.

Contact us to learn more about these and many other benefits of being a member.