Action Step – Elements of a Well-Crafted Reduced Hours Policy

The Alliance’s Action Steps are designed to assist organizations with implementing practical strategies and policies related to diversity and flexibility.  Members can access full versions of all of the Alliance’s Action Steps in the Member Resource Center.


Reduced hours schedules are a critical part of holistic flexibility policies, which recognize that a diverse workforce requires different ways of getting great work done. Yet, reduced hours schedules tend to be the most stigmatized form of flexibility, too often misconstrued to signal a lack of commitment to one’s career. Reduced hours professionals were also once subjected to formal haircuts – that is, being paid less than the time agreed to work (e.g., 60 percent pay for a 75 percent schedule) – and many still do not receive a true-up when they work more than their agreed upon schedule. For these reasons and more, it is important for organizations to send a clear message of support for reduced hours schedules through a well-written policy that addresses the following key areas…

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