Insights into Effective Team Building – July 18, 2023

2023 Leadership Symposium | Session 1

Insights into Effective Team Building


Dr. Milana Hogan, author of the ABA report Leveraging Grit and Growth Mindset to Drive Team Success

Ben Sachs, author of All Rise: Practical Tips for Building High-Performance Legal Teams

July 18, 2023 | 1:00pm – 2:00pm ET

Attorneys need high-performing teams that can work well under pressure. But in many organizations, especially large firms, attorneys are often left on their own to figure out how to build their teams, resulting in inconsistent and haphazard management that makes even the best performers feel like cogs in a machine. Further, as leaders in legal organizations strive to create cultures of well being and resilience in their organizations, creating gritty and growth mindset teams not only fosters an environment for lawyers to do their best work but creates an environment that increases health and wellness and decreases burnout. Join us for a fireside chat led by the Alliance’s Manar Morales where Dr. Milana Hogan, an expert in grit and growth mindset, Ben Sachs, an expert in management, strategy, and negotiation will share their research and expertise on the practical tools needed to impact the development of successful and engaged teams in the legal industry and beyond.

This event is open to all individuals at Champion and Leader member organizations. If you are an Advocate member and would like to learn more about purchasing access to the Leadership Symposium, contact Angela Whitehead Quigley.

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