It’s Time to Celebrate Flex Success™!

Our Flex Success Award Nomination Period Is Open!

2017 FSA Call for NominationsIf you met Jenna Mooney and Danielle Frappier from Davis Wright Tremaine, you’d learn that these two women are outstanding attorneys. They are Equity Partners, they are experts in their fields, they have successfully developed new business, and they have mentored junior associates in their firm. What you wouldn’t immediately know is that these two women have also accomplished all of this while working a reduced hours schedule. With the help of their clients, Jenna and Danielle have found the right balance for themselves between a highly successful legal career and a happy personal life through 80% reduced hour schedules.

At the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance we like to celebrate these successes and honor the people leading the way in demonstrating that flexible work schedules can and do coincide with a successful career. Although our research shows that working reduced hours is the most stigmatized form of flex, we also know that with the support of their clients and their firm’s leadership, women and men working reduced hours can successfully become partners in law firms and can continue to provide their clients with excellent service.

Last year, we honored Jenna and Danielle, and their clients CLEAResult Consulting and Nexus Communications, with our Flex Success™ Award. This award not only celebrates the partners but also acknowledges the crucial role clients play in making workplace flexibility a reality and a success.

As we open the nomination period for this year’s Flex Success™ Award we are looking forward to learning about partners at member firms who are successfully working reduced hours schedules with the support of their client(s).

So if you know someone like Jenna and Danielle, please send in a nomination between October 4, 2016 and December 2, 2016 December 9, 2016 (DEADLINE EXTENDED). You can nominate yourself, or be nominated by a colleague at an Alliance member firm or legal department. The criteria for Flex Success Award nomination include:

– The attorney being nominated must be a Partner at an Alliance member organization at the time of nomination and award acceptance (March 2017);

– The attorney is currently working a reduced hours schedule, and has worked a reduced hours schedule for at least a year;

– The attorney must identify a client who knows that he or she is working a reduced hours schedule and is crucial to the attorney’s success.

Nominees will be notified of their winning status in January 2017 and will be awarded the Flex Success™ Award at the Alliance’s 2017 Annual Conference. Award winners and their clients must be present at the conference to be held on March 16, 2017 at Jones Day in Washington, DC.



If you have any questions, please contact Eliza Musallam or Denise Robinson.