Just A Couple More Weeks To Take Advantage of Our Flex Benchmarking Survey

Our Third Annual Law Firm Flexibility Benchmarking Survey will remain open until September 12, 2016 September 27, 2016 (DEADLINE EXTENDED). We strongly encourage all major U.S. law firms, including Alliance members and non-members, to take advantage of this unique opportunity to track the availability, usage, and support for flexible work options.

There is No Downside to Participating

Remember, our survey is unique in the sense that no firms are named (or shamed!) and we will not produce a ranked list. All responses are kept confidential and the final results report will only include aggregate data. We simply want law firms to examine their holistic flexible work usage including reduced hours schedules, telecommuting, flexible start/end times, annualized hours, and job sharing by attorney position, gender, race, and sexual orientation. Our goal is to help improve firms’ flex policies and help to change the culture of flex in the industry as a whole.

Process of Participating Yields Huge Benefits

Many firms find that by participating in our survey, they can take stock of their flexible work options, their employees’ usage, and how they can improve their policies. As we all know, flexible work options are very important to today’s law school graduates and are key to all firms’ recruitment and retention strategies.

All Who Participate Will Receive the Results Report

Whether you are a member of the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance or not, all firms who participate in the survey will receive the full 2016 Law Firm Flexibility Benchmarking Survey Report, featuring findings from the aggregated survey results. The results will provide firms with valuable insights into the effectiveness of their flexible work policies, the biases that may be present in their firm, and how they stack up against the rest of the industry.

An Opportunity to Receive Expert Advice Moving Forward

As an added bonus, individualized benchmarking reports, which include customized recommendations from the Alliance, are available for participant firms. Alliance Champion members who complete the survey will receive individualized reports as part of their member benefits. Advocate and Leader members who would like an individualized benchmarking report will receive a discounted rate. All other participant firms may purchase an individualized report.

Past Participants Found the Survey to Be Invaluable

This is what we heard from a firm that participated last year:

“By participating in the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance’s Flexibility Benchmarking Survey, Ogletree Deakins was able to analyze existing policies and pinpoint where they could be improved.  Using the Alliance’s recommendations from our customized report, we were able to provide our Board of Directors with concrete action steps for advancing our commitment to flexibility and diversity, including implementing specific changes to our reduced hours policy and by creating two new Reduced Hours Advisor positions.”

— Terry Egler and Kelly Hughes, Ogletree Deakins’ Reduced Hours Advisors

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Need help or have questions? Contact Denise Robinson, Director of Research.