Announcing the Second Annual Law Firm Flexibility Benchmarking Survey

The Diversity & Flexibility Alliance is pleased to announce the launch of the Second Annual Law Firm Flexibility Benchmarking Survey, which will build upon the momentum of our inaugural study conducted last year.

Consistent with our mission to advance flexibility for all in the legal profession, this survey tracks the availability, usage, and support for flexible work in major law firms in the US. More specifically, this year’s survey will examine the types of flexibility and leave policies that firms have implemented, general usage by level, race, gender, and sexual orientation, whether and how working flexibly affects promotion, and the types of support available for those who work flexibly.

Firms that participated in the inaugural study reportedly used the results in a variety of ways, including:

– Making the business case to establish or evolve a flexibility program

– Educating stakeholders on an expanded definition of flexibility that moves beyond “part-time” work

– Advancing compelling reasons for formalizing telecommuting and other full-time flex options

The survey will be made available on June 30, 2015 and will remain open until September 14, 2015. To protect the confidentiality of participants, responses will be aggregated before analysis is conducted. In addition, participating firms will not be ranked or identified in any way. An executive summary will be made available to the public in December 2015, and a full report will be provided for Alliance members.

If your firm is interested in participating in the study, please contact Denise Robinson for more information.