Action Step – Leverage Hybrid & Virtual Events to Enhance Connection & Collaboration

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Many organizations are adopting hybrid/flexible work environments. For these new work environments to succeed, organizations must change much more than just their flexible work policies – organizations need to undergo a significant culture change which includes leadership support, communication guidelines and team agreements, trainings, technology, mentoring and other support structures. Organizations should also leverage hybrid/virtual events both to support the new work environments, but also as a general practice regardless of where they fall in terms of work locations (i.e. fully in- person; hybrid; or fully virtual). However, these hybrid/virtual events must be orchestrated thoughtfully and require resources, just like in-person events – most importantly, all attendees (virtual and in-person) need to be active participants and not just spectators so that these events are impactful for all. Hybrid/virtual events can have various benefits when implemented properly, including fostering cross-office connections; promoting connections despite budgetary constraints; securing powerful speakers and participants with time constraints; and gaining access to broad audiences. The following are the Alliance’s recommendations for hosting successful hybrid/virtual events:

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