Action Step: Flexibility As A Business Imperative Must Be the Focus of Your Business Case

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Over the last few months, organizations faced the Great Resignation, involving a war for top talent leading many organizations to implement policies, practices and benefits focused on recruitment and retention. In conjunction, many organizations began implementing hybrid and flexible work environments as a way to attract/retain employees. However, as the job market seems to be taking a downward turn, some organizational leaders have been questioning whether hybrid and flexible work will continue to stick as the exodus of employees may decrease. We strongly recommend that organizations continue offering hybrid and flexible work due to productivity, business continuity, engagement, recruiting and retention benefits. However, as the job market will continuously change, we strongly suggest developing a business case for flexibility that is anchored around the many business benefits. This way, flexibility and hybrid work will not whimsically be added and removed based on the job market and you can make sure it is structured in a way to achieve the most bang for your buck. Here are our suggestions:

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