5 ways great managers make their teams happier—without sacrificing productivity

This article written by Alliance President & CEO, Manar Morales was published by Fast Company on February 2, 2024.

The workplace is changing. Technological innovations in fields like artificial intelligence are transforming organizations at a breakneck pace. Ongoing economic uncertainty is leading to layoffs and higher workloads. It’s difficult for many workers to keep up.

Given increased pressures, it’s not surprising that workplace stress and burnout is on the rise.  According to The Economist, 68% of managers and 60% of non-managers reported being burned out in the past 12 months. One-third of U.S. workers say their mental health is getting worse due to long hours, excessive workloads, and other factors, according to a survey from the Conference Board.

The potential cost of unwell workers is significant. Burnout drives absenteeism, job dissatisfaction, depression, and more, according to the American Psychological Association.  Most workers who report decreased mental health also report lower levels of engagement…

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