Advisory Solutions - Diversity & Flexibility Alliance

Through its advisory solutions, the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance seeks to create positive change within organizations to better advance diversity and flexibility, promote inclusive practices, and create pathways to advancement for women. Solutions are tailored to each organization based upon its specific needs and culture.



Business Case Development

Developing a culture of flexibility requires understanding how it benefits your specific organization. The Alliance can help craft your organization’s unique business case for flexibility with links to your values, clients’ needs, and talent retention efforts.

Designing Holistic Flexibility Policies

The most successful flex policies are holistic in nature and include telecommuting, annualized hours, and flex start/end time options in addition to reduced hours.  The Alliance can help your organization craft a holistic flex policy that fits the needs of your unique work environment and culture.

Designing On-Ramping Programs

On-ramping programs are an effective and inexpensive way to help stop talented professionals from leaving once they return from parental or medical leave. The Alliance has done extensive research regarding on-ramping programs that work, and can partner with you to develop a program that will become a successful feature of your retention initiatives.

Flex Culture Assessments

Do you have a flex policy that is not being utilized?  Do you know that your organization needs to establish flexible work arrangements, but are not sure where to begin? The Alliance has research-based, diagnostic resources to benchmark your organization’s readiness for flexibility and can make recommendations for future development actions.

Implementation Planning

To be successful, even the most well-written flex policy must have a thorough implementation plan.  The Alliance can advise you on strategies that will ensure your initiative is well-received by all stakeholders.

Policy Drafting

Management has asked you to write a flex policy or strategic plan for retaining and advancing women. Where do you begin? From a holistic approach to flexibility to one that focuses on reduced hours, the Alliance can help design a policy that is tailored to your organization’s needs.

Strategic Planning: Individual Professionals

Do you want to transition to a flex schedule?  Considering leaving your organization but not sure what’s next?  Don’t go it alone. The Alliance works with individuals to map out plans that benefit the individual, the employer, and expand future options.

Women's Initiatives

Despite years of well-intentioned initiatives to improve the retention and advancement of women in the workforce, progress has been slow.  The Alliance can help your organization move beyond women-focused programming and instead, focus on strategic change initiatives that have a measurable, positive impact on the inclusion of women at all levels of your organization. We can assist with both designing and strategic planning for women’s initiatives.


For more information on the Alliance’s Advisory Solutions, contact Manar Morales.