Barri Rafferty To Be Honored for Extraordinary Commitment to Flexibility

Flex Leader Award to be presented During Virtual Conference on November 5

Washington, DC – October 21, 2020 – The Diversity and Flexibility Alliance has announced that Barri Rafferty, Executive Vice President, Head of Communications, Wells Fargo will receive its 2020 Flex Leader Award. The Flex Leader Award recognizes an executive who is moving his or her organization toward a more inclusive workplace through holistic flexibility. The Award will be presented on Thursday, November 5, 2020, during the Alliance’s virtual annual conference Moments of Impact: Transforming Organizational Culture. Registration is available here.

Ms. Rafferty was selected because of her extraordinary commitment to flexibility and her personal philosophy that allowing all employees to work on their own flexible schedule creates increased employee empowerment and engagement. In her previous role as Global President & CEO of Ketchum Public Relations, Ms. Rafferty led the development and implementation of an initiative that enabled the entire agency to transition to 100% flexible work schedules. Every team member, in every office worldwide, was offered the opportunity to work when and where he or she chose. Ms. Rafferty ensured that the same level of flexibility was available to employees of all levels and personally confirmed compliance across the board by meeting with senior management, providing annual flexible working trainings and implementing pulse polls to track success. Over four years with the new working structure, the agency saw an increase in productivity, employee satisfaction, engagement, team cohesion, retention and recruitment.

“Barri’s story is the perfect case study for how to successfully incorporate holistic flexible working options into an organization’s culture,” said Manar Morales, President & CEO of the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance. “Barri believes in a flexible workplace that leverages workplace flexibility to meet the needs of all employees.  The Alliance is pleased to honor Barri with our Flex Leader Award, for her exemplary leadership and share her vision for creating a more inclusive culture that values workplace flexibility as a business imperative.”

“At no cost to a company, flexibility can be the highest value perk you can offer to employees,” said Barri Rafferty.  “When employees have control of their schedules to plan work life integration, you increase their productivity, engagement and their work product. Flexibility became both a recruiting and retention tool for us,” she added.

The Diversity and Flexibility Alliance is a think tank that collaborates with organizations to develop non-stigmatized flexible working policies that promote inclusive cultures and help to advance more women into leadership positions. The Alliance provides practical research-based solutions, training workshops, and strategic advisory services that increase organizational effectiveness through diversity and flexibility.


Contact: Manar Morales