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In this Business Insider article, How to Build a Diverse & Inclusive Workforce as a Small Business by Stephanie Russell-Kraft, our President and CEO, Manar Morales shares her insights for how small businesses can create a more inclusive culture and attract a more diverse team.

Here’s an excerpt:

“I think it’s really important that it’s not ‘diversity and inclusion’ that’s siloed as an initiative, but that it’s interwoven into everything you do as an organization.” Manar Morales, president and CEO of the Diversity and Flexibility Alliance, a diversity research and consulting firm, said. Small business leaders should think about this in terms of who’s getting leadership opportunities, who’s getting constructive feedback, and whose voices are being heard in meetings.

Without a dedicated department for diversity and inclusion, diversity also needs to be a team effort, according to Morales. That means all employees should get unconscious bias training, learning not just what biases they might have but how to interrupt them.

“It’s more than just doing compliance training,” Morales said. The main key to success is accountability, she added. Employees should know that their diversity and inclusion efforts actually matter and they will be asked about them during their performance reviews.

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