Percentage of Women Among New Partners Falls After a Five-Year High

The Diversity & Flexibility Alliance Releases Its Annual New Partner Report
Alliance member firms outpace national average of women promoted to partnership

WASHINGTON, DC, December 4, 2014 — The share of women among new partner classes at major US law firms declined by two percentage points in the last year. Thirty-two percent of attorneys promoted to partnership in 2014 were women, as compared to 34 percent in 2013, according to data collected by the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance (the “Alliance”). Among Alliance member firms, the figure is slightly higher, with women constituting 32.7 percent of new partner classes.

The Alliance’s New Partner Report compiles yearly data from announcements and other self-reported sources from law firms about the attorneys promoted to partnership. Data for 117 of the nation’s largest law firms are detailed in the report. Specifically, the report tracks the gender composition of new partner classes and examines trends in women’s promotion to partnership over time.

“The New Partner Report provides an annual snapshot of a key indicator of the inclusion of women at senior levels in the profession. We are disappointed to see the drop in the percentage of women in new partner classes, but remain steadfast in recommending action steps toward achieving gender equality in law firm partnerships,” said Alliance President & CEO, Manar Morales.

In 2009, the share of women among new partner classes was 28 percent, with this number incrementally increasing over the past five years, hitting a peak of 34 percent in 2013. This year, 16 firms reported no women among attorneys promoted to the partnership, while 25 firms reported at least a 50/50 split in the new partner class. Detailed firm information can be found on the Alliance’s website.


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