Action Step – The Flip Side of Flexibility is Responsibility

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Since the pandemic, workplace flexibility has gained great traction. Organizations, leaders, and individuals experienced first-hand many benefits of hybrid/virtual work. Our 2022 Law Firm Flexibility Benchmarking Study (“2022 Study”), which will be released soon, found that hybrid and virtual work has significantly increased, from 48% in our 2019 Law Firm Flexibility Benchmarking Study to 80.9% in our 2022 Study. These results demonstrate the critical impact of the pandemic on increased acceptance of hybrid/virtual work. As many organizations have adopted new workplace flexibility policies, some are now struggling with how to implement them to make them as effective as possible. In order for flexibility to work, organizations must be intentional, inclusive and iterative. The Alliance has always stressed that the flip side of flexibility is responsibility. In order to make flexibility truly work, everyone – organizations, leaders and individuals – must take responsibility and be intentional.

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