Cynthia Thomas Calvert

Senior Advisor

Cynthia Thomas Calvert is Senior Advisor to the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance.

Cynthia is a lawyer, consultant, speaker, writer and researcher with over 25 years in the legal industry. She helps law firms advance women lawyers, provide nonstigmatized flexible work, and create inclusive cultures. She co-founded the Project for Attorney Retention, where she led groundbreaking studies about lawyers and work/life issues. She co-authored several books with Joan Williams, including Solving the Part-Time Puzzle: The Law Firm’s Guide to Balanced Hours (NALP 2004) and Flex Success: The Lawyer’s Guide to Balanced Hours (WLL Press 2011).

Cynthia is the principal of Workforce 21C, which works with employers to eliminate family responsibilities discrimination and meet the challenges of working with today’s workforce. Cynthia is a 1985 graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center, and a former clerk to the Hon. T.P. Jackson (D.D.C.). She was with the D.C. litigation firm of Miller, Cassidy, Larroca and Lewin (now part of Baker Botts LLP) for fourteen years, six as a partner, and has had her own employment law practice.