Strategy Sessions - Diversity & Flexibility Alliance

The Diversity & Flexibility Alliance’s interactive strategy sessions empower organizations to create successful solutions that attract, retain, and advance top talent and empower individuals to become better leaders. We enable organizations and individuals to move towards a high performance culture that advances diversity and flexibility by providing session participants with relevant tools, knowledge, and strategies that can be utilized to achieve short- and long-term goals.



Compliance Training

Failing to be inclusive and flexible can cost your organization money and talent. This workshop focuses on ways to avoid liability and manage risk by establishing and properly implementing gender, flexibility, and other inclusion initiatives.

Flex and Gender Awareness Training

Our anti-bias workshops concentrate on two overlooked areas of inclusion – flex stigma and gender bias compounded by parenthood:

Removing Flex Stigma: Having a flexibility policy is one matter; having a culture that is supportive of flexibility is quite another.  Learn about the subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways in which professionals working flexibly are marginalized.  More importantly, learn strategies for overcoming bias in work assignments, promotions, and other decision-making processes in the workplace.

Dismantling the Maternal Wall: Data shows that once women become mothers, they disappear from the workforce at a rapid rate. This exodus – whether by choice, force, or a combination of the two – results in a significant underrepresentation of women in leadership roles.  Learn how maternal (and parental bias as a whole) factors prominently in attrition and how to combat this bias with individual strategies and organizational solutions.

Flex Advisor Workshop

This workshop is designed for individuals responsible for the day-to-day management of flexible work arrangements and focuses on the fundamentals of successfully executing this important role. Participants learn strategies for ensuring the needs of both the individuals working flexibly and the organization are met. Importantly, participants take away resources for efficiently and effectively tracking and reporting the success of flex arrangements.

Flex Success® Workshop: Flex Supervisors and Ambassadors

Flexibility is a two-way street; it requires trust and open communication by all parties, especially the flex professional and his/her supervisors.  This workshop focuses on the pivotal role supervisors and organization leaders play and teaches how to serve as a resource for learning and sorting through issues that arise with flexible work arrangements. Special attention is placed on the mindset and behaviors needed to be a champion for the benefits of flex initiatives.

Flex Success® Workshop: Reduced Hours Professionals

Flexibility is a two-way street; it requires trust and open communication by all parties, especially the flex professional and his/her supervisors. This workshop concentrates on the individual strategies flex professionals need to take charge of their schedule and career.  Participants explore innovative approaches to effectively managing workload, developing business, and advancing one’s career while maintaining a flexible schedule.

OCI Interview and Recruiter Training

Flexible approaches to when, where, and how work gets done are paramount in the employment decision-making process for the next generation of professionals. Our curriculum is designed to be incorporated into the organization’s existing interviewer training program. This workshop teaches individuals to be conversant on the business case for flexibility and its power as a recruitment tool.  Special emphasis is placed on raising awareness of flexibility stigma and how to convey a welcoming environment for candidates seeking flexibility.

Professional Development Workshops

The Alliance offers a broad range of professional development workshops focused both on organizational solutions and individual strategies. Our programs assist individuals with becoming productive, successful executives through managing career goals and building business acumen.  Each workshop can be tailored to the organization’s unique environment to support cultural changes that enhance diversity, inclusion, and flexibility.


For more information about the Alliance’s Strategy Sessions, contact Manar Morales.