Solutions - Diversity & Flexibility Alliance

Our firsthand experience working on issues of diversity and flexibility in professional services firms, law firms, and corporations drives us to make a difference in the organizations we serve. Using our collective expertise and skills, we create strategic and practical solutions, conduct critical research that bridges the gap between policy and practice, and solve industry challenges for advancing women leaders and creating inclusive, non-stigmatized work environments where flexible schedules thrive.


We know success happens when support is part of the process. Firms and corporations collaborate with the Alliance to help remove barriers that prohibit organizational advancement. We help build momentum for opportunities that support the advancement of women and flexible work cultures to attract and retain top talent.


Strategy Sessions

Our interactive workshops provide individuals and organizations with the tools necessary to attract, retain, and advance top talent.

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Advisory Solutions

Our advisory solutions are designed to assist organizations in the development and implementation of diversity and flexibility policies.

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The Alliance’s advisory solutions and strategy sessions are customized to address the unique needs of the organization. This individualized approach has helped our members and non-member clients successfully address a range of issues and achieve desired outcomes, including:

– Analyzing climate survey results

– Developing an action plan for building a more inclusive culture

– Aligning diversity and inclusion goals with the organizational business strategy

– Exploring individual strategies for achieving career success



For more information about the Alliance’s Advisory Solutions and Strategy Sessions, contact Manar Morales.
Discounted rates are available for Alliance members.