Flex Advisor Workshop - Diversity & Flexibility Alliance

The Diversity & Flexibility Alliance’s Flex Advisor Workshop is a webinar and training session on the fundamentals of successfully managing and implementing flexible work programs. The workshop is designed for talent management, human resource executives, or any professionals who have an administrative role or oversee the day-to-day aspects of their organization’s flex program. This workshop draws on the Alliance’s Flex Success® Framework, a five-step proprietary process for implementing and evolving effective flexible work programs by:

– Communicating the business case for flexibility
– Promoting a culture of flexibility
– Developing a holistic flex program
– Engaging stakeholders and leaning into resistance
– Interrupting flex stigma
– Creating a community for flex professionals
– Celebrating Flex Successes

2018 Flex Advisor Workshop

The 2018 Flex Advisor Workshop was held on Tuesday, October 16, 2018 at 1:30 EST. This training webinar was open to members and non-members as well.  Members can access the recording through our Member Resource Center.  Non-members interested in accessing the recording should email Eliza Musallam.



For more information about the Flex Advisor Workshop, contact Eliza Musallam.